My Music – July

The first of a monthly segment detailing the music I’ve been listening to that month. This will include any songs, new or old, that I’ve been enjoying that month but I’ll try stay away from listing too many songs that everyone will already know – especially since the list for this month is already too long.

  • RIN – Doverstreet: This month I’ve been discovered the German collective RIN who have clear American influences but make great music and have an aesthetic that consists of a lot of good fashion. My favourite at the minute is their song doverstreet but I’d definitely recommend listening to more of their songs.
  • Vic Mensa – Hollywood LA: I really miss the old Vic Mensa and this is his best song ever for me. The hook on this song is forever stuck in my head and its the perfect song to play in the summer.
  • Rex Orange County – UNTITLED: First I need to thank Tyler the Creator (who’s new album is amazing) for shedding light on Rex because he makes some of the best, most chilled music. This song is, in my opinion, his best song: it’s very simple but catchy with the slow guitar in the background. Also, he was really good live at lovebox when I saw him.
  • IAMDDB – Pause: I’ve been a fan of IAMDBB for a minute now and she shows herself at her best here. Her relaxed style is just something I can never get bored off and she kill’s it live in the colors version that I’ve linked. If you like this song, and haven’t already, then definitely go listen to leaned out.
  • CASISDEAD – The Code: CAS has always been the guy to go to for a gritty tune and this is already one of my favourites of his already. The video, his delivery, the bass – it’s all on point.
  • Hak Baker – Conundrum: This is definitely my go to song to sing along to this summer. Hak’s voice with the simple guitar goes perfect and It’s just very British. I’m tipping this song to be getting a lot of attention very soon.
  • Knucks x WizzyWow – Cannes: Knucks’s vibe is just different. He keeps bringing out these catchy tunes with big lyricism and makes it look easy. Knucks has got to be the next rapper to blow out of the UK for me.
  • Kojey Radical – AFTER WINTER: If you don’t already know about Kojey Radical then you might have to listen to him a few times to get used to his delivery and truly appreciate his genius. He is a true artist shows this with his latest song and it’s visuals.

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