My top 5 brands you need to know

A few brands, for all price points, that I believe you need to know about (if you don’t already).

  1. Unknown London – You might have seen this brand being worn around men’s fashion weeks in the past as the affiliates always turn up head to toe in their own clothes. They make streetwear pieces, including a line of essentials, which are well priced and well designed but some of my personal favorites from them are unfortunately no longer being sold. They also do occasional online sample sales which always have good steals and one of one pieces. I personally own their sherpa jacket which is one of my favourites, especially for the winter because its crazy warm for a hoodie and looks great with everything. They unfortunately don’t sell that hoodie anymore but there are alternatives from brands such as Other UK.
    UNKNOWN LDN sherpa jacket (worn by me on the left)
  2. Joe Wilkinson – For a higher price point, with jackets going for up to £450, there is one of my favourite new designers – Joe Wilkinson. I’m going to have to save up a bit before I can purchase one of their items however I really love the designs of pieces such as the duck floral jacket and the waffle shirt. Also all pieces are manufactured in London, which I am personally a huge fan off, and I can always appreciate when a company specifies its fabric origins. Initial is his first collection and I’m excited to see the direction taken in the next collection.
  3. Kofi Von Ohene Studios – Kofi is a young creative from Belgium who as well as owning his own clothing line can model, has directed music videos and is affiliated with sixhundredandninetysix (696), another small clothing brand which is more streetwear based – he is definitely a face we will be seeing much more of in the future. Many of his design’s have already gained a lot of attention online. One of my personal favourites is the pink, shearling jacket (as seen in the feature image), which is undeniably similar to a pigalle jacket which was sold on VFILES, but that is extremely expensive and I prefer Kofi’s version with the print at the back. At the minute they don’t appear to be selling anything but definitely look out for future collections from this brand.
  4. Pieces uniques – This is probably the most well-known brand from the list but I had to include them because of how much I like their designs. They create bold, quite high end streetwear pieces which which are often colourful and perfectly branded. Their most recent spring/summer collection, has received a lot of attention and includes an amazing kimono and pair of joggers with a tricolour tape running along the front. All pieces are also handmade, with a lot of them coming from their Paris studio
  5. Nothing by Jai Eleven – This brand has had an underground cult following since being created in 2014 and you most likely have seen the bomber jacket that gave the brand a lot of exposure at the time. Their most recent collection is in collaboration with Nigerian streetwear label Vivendii and includes bold prints and which sport the slogan ‘these are my church clothes’. That collection also includes a neon green hoodie which is my personal favorite and will hopefully be a piece I pick up soon. This is definitely a brand to watch, and I can only see its hype growing in the near future.

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