Trends: what’s wack, what’s not

My guide to the 3 top trends that I think are wack and the trends that aren’t. I’m basically very opinionated and need this platform as a release to describe what I love and, most of all, describe what I hate in the fast paced world of fashion trends.


  1. Long belts: The most famous design for this trend is of course the Off-White industrial belt which is all over Instagram being worn around every limb possible. Personally I just hate the loud branding and way it looks to have a bit of belt randomly hanging around your knees. This is definitely a trend that doesn’t elevate an outfit but instead just looks out of place and is far too often bought mainly for the branding.
  2. Skinny white jeans: This is something I’m seeing far too often and I honestly don’t even feel I need to explain why I dislike this product. There isn’t a worse possible colour anyone could buy skinny jeans in and they can only be worsened with distressing and a cropped skinny fit.
  3. Balenciaga: I can appreciate the quality and design of some balenciaga pieces and I have enjoyed parts of there recent runway shows – especially the tailoring in SS17. There is no doubt that Demna Gvasalia is a genius but the horrible logo-centric designs just look cheap and make me cringe.

not wack:

  1. Tracksuits: These have been trending for a while now in the fashion world, and they almost ended up on the other list because of Gucci’s SS17 tracksuit, but I can only support their comfort and wearing a nice tracksuit just feels British.
  2. Mock neck’s: Off-white can once again claim the role of influencing a trend with this one. Any top, if it’s printed, plain, oversized or perfectly fitted will always look better with a mock neck. I feel that its a detail that can add a lot in terms of elevating an outfit.
  3. Wide leg trousers: I have definitely been enjoying trousers with a wide silhouette for a while. They’re more comfortable, allow for a lot of experimentation with the rest of your outfit and look great whether cropped or not. Even white jeans look good with a wide leg.

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