Frank Ocean merch – daylight robbery

Last weekend I was at Lovebox where Frank Ocean once again was selling his blonded t-shirts which have been receiving some attention, especially since they are printed on site. There has however been an apparent silence on the poor quality and high prices of these tops.img_20170714_134502.jpg

I’m a massive Frank Ocean fan so as soon as I saw the blonded merch stand I had to go and get myself a top. I already knew roughly the prices of the tops and didn’t mind spending a bit since I wouldn’t get a chance to buy one again and I knew they resell for a decent amount anyway. The price for a gildan heavy cotton t-shirt at the stand was £35 and it was between £5-£15 to get it printed on depending on the print you selected.

Obviously I knew the price was steep when I handed over £45.00 for a top where I could clearly see the Gildan tag but when I returned after a few hours to pick my top up I knew I’d been robbed. It is honestly the cheapest, worst quality feeling print that is going to crack straight away after a couple of washes. As a big Frank Ocean fan I’m now stuck because I don’t want to resell the top but with since it’s never going to last me a long time, unless I never wear it, I might have to.

Frank is honestly the best person I’ve ever seen live and his performance was amazing – it’s obviously just annoying that the quality of the top is so poor, especially with the price point.

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