Festival Essentials

I know this is a played out topic, but as I’m trying to decide what I’m going to pack to festivals I thought this would be a helpful post for people during this season.

To begin with, a product that I would recommend is cargo shorts and trousers. Since everyone will be wearing man bags at every festival this summer a pair of cargo’s will give you the same amount of storage for your things without looking like everyone around you. They can also be found for very cheap as they’re sold pretty much everywhere and, as I have already mentioned, amazon do some good quality cheap pairs. I have some from asos, which are now sold out, but there are loads of nice reduced pairs on there if you just search the sale.

Continuing on the topic of shorts, a pair of work shorts are definitely the best way to get long lasting, good quality shorts that have a good fit. These are useful for festivals in particular because they’re normally high quality and clothes can easily rip and break after a few times in the crowd of a festival. The same is true for work shirts which have the same structured fit which looks great.Brands such as dickies have lots of good options and you can find very cheap work shirts and shorts everywhere from second hand shops to supermarkets and hardware shops.

Shirts are definitely needed at a festival as they’re better to wear in hot weather than frankt-shirts and when it gets colder you can layer them with a t-shirt. Bowling shirts look amazing either unbuttoned or done up and have been trending for a while now so can be found on the high street for cheap. See-through, sheer shirts are also definitely making waves at the minute especially since Frank ocean wore one at Lovebox and made it look amazing with a printed t-shirt underneath.

Finally, I have recommendations for a couple of more obvious essentials. The first is of course joggers, since you will need to try and feel comfy after four days of sweaty camping and minimal cleaning. I would definitely recommend Adidas firebird’s as they have a looser fit, which makes them more comfy and, in my opinion, makes them look far better than other options. These are also not too expensive as I have recentlyIMG_20170715_201145_331 seen them reduced instore at Size? although they are sold out online. You can also do what I did in the picture on the left and find a vintage pair which cost me around £20 on Ebay. I would however recommend finding out the measurements on a vintage pair as mine are a medium but were very long so I had to get them shortened. For t-shirts, the best place I have found to get plain t-shirts that fit well, are cheap and good quality is Uniqlo so I would definitely recommend buying some of them instead of ruining any nicer tops that you own.

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