Amazon For Streetwear?

With the recent news that Nike will start selling trainers directly through amazon and the upcoming amazon prime day, I have decided to display how you can save money on streetwear through amazon.

The first streetwear trend which can be found on amazon is chef trousers, the most popular and most worn ones being the checkerboard pair. I’m sure a lot of you have seen these on  places such as instagram, and they can be found on amazon for under £10. I have however found more pairs such as striped pairs or one pair with a crazy all over Japanese print.

To keep on the topic of trousers, cargo’s have also been popular for a while now and amazon features a range of cargo trousers from plain black pairs to camouflage ones and in a range of fits. I have linked my personal favorite, a camo pair, above.

The most affordable streetwear item that can be bought from amazon is a fanny pack which have been a trend for a while now. They’re perfect for festivals so if you don’t want to mess up a more expensive side bag then you can go on amazon and pick one up for around £5. Also the white one which I have linked could easily be customized to further elevate any look.

The last item is possibly my favorite for the winter months when worn over a hoodie, but since its summer I’ve had to put it last. This is the tactical vest. This can be worn with a t-shirt or no top in the summer and is also very practical.


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